Collections suitable for +0 months,very soft fabrics with rattle and embroidered motif, all of them with additional certificates to the compulsory like the saliva and exclusion of toxic dyes on fabrics with the máximum guarantee for the children. Washable surface


  • Doudou rattle

    Soft-cloth doll, very easy to take for smaller hands. Before feeding the baby, it is recommended that mom keep a few minutes with his chest, so he recognizes the smell and feel comforted, all ornaments are embroidered, washable surface.

  • Rattles

    Smooth and fun stuffed bear, very easy to catch by smaller and rattle hands helps develop the senses, all the decorations are embroidered, washable surface

  • Musicals

    The ideal place to put anywhere with musical ring activation for auditory development of babies, very soft and eyes, mouth, nose embroidered, washable surface toy 

  • Spirals
    The ideal setting for stroller and crib toy, contains several elements for sensory development of babies, very soft and embroidery elements, washable surface
  • Bears
    The most classic and famous of all the plush range with very soft. Eyes, mouth and nose are embroidered, washable surface.
  • Various animals
    Funny animals with very soft and eyes, mouth, nose embroidered, washable surface
  • Ring grabber
    Mordedor toy with animal shape and rattle, embroidered items and washable surface.